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About the Growth Coach DenverTech

The Growth Coach DenverTech is a coaching and training organization focused on working exclusively with excellence-seeking business owners, sales teams, and professional services firms that are interested in growing their business, developing their people, and achieving greatness as an organization!  

Our coaching and training is focused on all areas that impact business growth, including:  sales, customer engagement, profit maximization, leadership, vision, culture, and other areas that may impact the growth of the business, and the growth of the individual as a well balanced professional.

We offer long-term coaching and training programs, and one-off customized workshops for organizations.  We also offer occasional “Mini-Camps” for salespeople, professionals, managers, and business leaders who are interested in quickly improving their game. 

The Growth Coach DenverTech is led by Greg Bennett, President/CEO, who follows what he calls a “Championship Coaching” model with all programs we offer, meaning he doesn’t believe in just coaching people to be the best they feel they CAN be, he coaches people to be the best they NEED to be in order to win.  Bennett feels this is the only path to true greatness!

I have a different approach than most coaches and trainers, I don’t say ‘let’s coach you, or your team, to be the best you feel you can be, and just hope that’s enough to achieve your goals’…instead, my philosophy is ‘let’s coach you, or your team, to be where you NEED to be in order to achieve your goals’, or what I call your ‘Championship’.   That ‘Championship’ could be any number of things a company or individual may need to achieve…exceeding your sales numbers quarter after quarter, being named sales team of the year, getting the same amount done in half the time so you can spend time with your family…or maybe even just surviving through a tough time.   Our Championship coaching model is not for everyone, some people just want to improve a little and call it day.  We are for those who have a passion to win and achieve, and are in need of a coach and trainer who can help them identify where that ‘there’ is, then help them get there.  That’s what we’re all about…we partner with you to get there! “  Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett is personally involved in all coaching engagements big and small, and has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders, managers, salespeople, and professionals since he started his coaching and training career in 1987 (find out more about Greg here).

The Growth Coach DenverTech’s coaching and training center is located at 4695 S. Monaco St in the Denver Tech Center. 



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The Growth Coach Denver Tech is proud to bring this proven coaching model to business owners in one of the most affluent counties in America. As certified business coaches, we’re committed to helping you discover better ways to manage your business and life by guiding you through our unique, on-going Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. Our goal is to help people and businesses find their “why”. We understand both the unique opportunity to start and run a business in the Denver Tech area, and the challenges of raising family and maintaining a reasonable life balance in our community.


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