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About the Growth Coach DenverTech

Who We Are

The Growth Coach DenverTech is a sales consulting, training,  and coaching organization focused on helping our clients grow sales, grow profits, and create more consistent sales results in a very challenging world.   We work at the organizational level to improve the overall “Sales Engine” and provide group training, as well as at the individual level with our 6 month and 12 month Sales Mastery program.

The Growth Coach DenverTech is led by renowned sales trainer and author Greg Bennett.  Since starting his career in 1987, Bennett has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of salespeople and professionals in a wide variety of industries.  He has also published 5 books, ebooks, and audio books on sales and overall motivation.  He launched the Growth Coach DenverTech franchise in April of 2017 in order to create a more focused training and coaching experience in the Colorado area.

What We Believe

We believe that at the organizational level, good growth comes through improving the sales engine, developing better processes, building the best sales team, and training and coaching individuals to achieve at higher levels.  At the individual level, we believe true sales growth requires more than just learning new techniques, or popping a one-time motivational “sugar pill”.  It requires a long-term commitment to the right sales mindsets,  following an effective sales system, mastering key skill sets, doing enough of the right activities, and having real accountability systems in place. 

What We Teach

All our programs are based on Greg Bennett’s “Mega Growth” Sales System – The system designed to create immediate sales
that grow into lasting relationships!   
 The “Mega Growth System features 6 segments that cover: Sales Mindsets, Prospecting, Discovery, Presentation, Closing, and Long-Term Partnering.

How Our Sales Training Programs Work

We work through all six stages of the Bennett “Mega Growth” System over a 6-month or 12-month period. We have programs for individuals as well as for organizations or sales teams.   

At the organizational level we do live workshops once a month over a 6 or 12 month period (at client’s location or ours), working to introduce each stage in the system and to make sure the concepts are embedded in the sales culture.

At the individual level, we offer a unique on-line curriculum with live monthly meetings.   Participants can choose either a 6-month or 12-month program to go through the 6-stages in the Bennett Mega Growth System.  Each participant receives their own on-line training and coaching dashboard from which they will receive a weekly training and coaching infusion that contains video, audio, templates, tools, assignments, and activities.  Then to ensure active participation, goal setting,  and accountability, there are Monthly Meetings held at Bennett’s Denver Tech Center training center.  Each month Bennett will present a new training topic and participants are encouraged to focus on their goals, list their planned activities for the coming month, hold themselves accountable for last months activity, and get a booster shot of encouragement from others in the group.

Our Additional Work on Sales Engine Diagnostic and System Building 

The Growth Coach DenverTech is aligned with the Carruthers Group in Denver to provide a “Sales Engine Diagnostic”  

Sales Engine Diagnostic Program Overview – The program is a combination of three individual components that provide insights into seven foundational elements required for a high performing sales organization and a go-forward plan with clear steps to increase revenue performance.

Sales Engine Diagnostic – Online tool that identifies strengths, gaps and opportunities.

  • Each team member completes Sales Engine Diagnostic.
  • Results compiled in Sales Engine Diagnostic Report.

Sales Engine Workshop – In the workshop we analyze the results of your company’s sales engine diagnostic and facilitate group discussion around each of the seven foundational elements.

  • Carruthers Group and Growth Coach DenverTech leads one-day workshop with all team members.
  • Outcomes include additional discovery, diagnostic validation, issue prioritization, and team alignment.

Go-Forward Plan – Comprehensive report that summarizes findings and outlines recommendations on where and how to improve the seven foundational elements within your company’s sales organization.

  • Explanation of each recommendation, including importance and prioritization.
  • Detailed budgets and timelines.









The Growth Coach DenverTech’s coaching and training center is located at 4695 S. Monaco St in the Denver Tech Center. 



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The Growth Coach Denver Tech is proud to bring this proven coaching model to business owners in one of the most affluent counties in America. As certified business coaches, we’re committed to helping you discover better ways to manage your business and life by guiding you through our unique, on-going Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. Our goal is to help people and businesses find their “why”. We understand both the unique opportunity to start and run a business in the Denver Tech area, and the challenges of raising family and maintaining a reasonable life balance in our community.


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