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Long-Term vs Short-Term Coaching Engagements

“It’s no secret that I like longer-term coaching engagements. Sure it’s better for me financially and for stability, but the main reason I like them is because it’s MUCH better for the client, their culture, and their people!   When companies or managers bring in a new trainer or coach every 3 months, or whenever they feel like doing some training, the various coaching methodologies and beliefs can get mixed up, or they conflict with the previous person’s.  In the end, the company doesn’t get a chance to create their OWN methodologies and beliefs, so there is no “common play book” with common phraseology and best practices.  That’s why 90% of my client engagements last at least 3 years, some as many as 15 years!   If you’re not committed to long-term, systemic change within your organization, then I’m probably not the right fit as your coach.   We could still work together to do a 1 or 2-day workshop, but if you want me as your growth coach, we have to be in for the long-haul!”  Greg Bennett

Here are some benefits of a long-term coaching engagement:

– Your coach knows you and you know your coach
– Your
people learn to trust the coach and grow more comfortable sharing their problems, challenges, and aspirations
Everyone from top leadership to managers to sales and service people learn to “speak the same language” and use the defined best practices, strategies, and sales and service tools
– Your coach will know your annual, quarterly, and weekly patterns, your comfort zones, and what you feel are your limits…in order to push those limits and push those expectations year after year!


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