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Our Coaching Cadence

“My coaching cadence with my clients looks like this — we start with The ‘Better Us’ Big Picture Vision — this is a Championship destination-goal for where you feel your business needs to be to win, or where you need to be as an individual if we’re working on an individual level.  This could be an annual goal, or perhaps a quarterly goal, depending on how long we plan to work together.  As part of the Better Us Big Picture View, we not only define the Championship destination and the time frame, we also need to understand what it will look like when we arrive there and how arriving there will impact your life.  Can you feel it?  Taste it?  Imagine it?    If not, it’s tough to sacrifice and pay the price to get there.  From the Better Us Big Picture View we break things down into monthly segments and we go through The ‘Monthly Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, and Execution Plan’ this is a defined process we put every client through to make sure we’re staying on the path to our goal. We practice our Strategic Mindset, we plan, we set goals for the month, and then develop an execution plan that prioritizes our tasks and puts them onto our to-do lists and calendar.  Flowing from the monthly plan are the weekly segments, or what we call the The ‘Weekly Improvement Point’  this focuses on improving in one area per week, along with a quick revisit of the key points in our program.  This coaching cadence helps keep us both on your path to excellence and winning that Championship.”  Greg Bennett

Here is a breakdown of the Greg Bennett Coaching Cadence:

The ‘Better Us’ Big Picture Vision— This is the Championship destination and a timeframe to get there!   For example, “We will be the number one sales office in our company by the beginning of the 4th quarter of this year!” Once we have the Big Picture goal identified, we help you really own it by visualizing what your life will be like once you arrive there –how life will change for the company, for your people, for your clients.   Once the goal is identified and owned, we break it down into small goals, benchmarks, and mileposts along the way to check and make sure we’re moving in the right direction.

The ‘Monthly Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, and Execution Plan’ This is the monthly process we go through at the end of each month, or the first of each month.  As your coaching partner we help you develop a more strategic mindset that includes assessing your current realities on the ground, setting goals and tasks for the coming month, prioritizing those goals and tasks, then starting the execution process by putting activities and tasks into your weekly plans.  We also spend time reviewing the past month and how we did.

The ‘Weekly Improvement Point’ — This is the tactical plan for what needs to get done each week.  As your coaching partner, we provide you with your own on-line coaching dashboard which helps us both manage the coaching engagement.  Each week, you will be given one area of improvement to focus on…we call it the Weekly Improvement Point.  This weekly improvement point is part of your monthly and big-picture plan for improving your game.  We also remind you on a weekly basis of the critical mindsets, attitudes and best practices we need to follow in order to stay on the path to that Championship.



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The Growth Coach Denver Tech is proud to bring this proven coaching model to business owners in one of the most affluent counties in America. As certified business coaches, we’re committed to helping you discover better ways to manage your business and life by guiding you through our unique, on-going Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. Our goal is to help people and businesses find their “why”. We understand both the unique opportunity to start and run a business in the Denver Tech area, and the challenges of raising family and maintaining a reasonable life balance in our community.


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