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Greg Bennett offers exclusive executive coaching to business leaders in search of their higher gear.    His focus is on helping executives improve their condition from the existing state to a desired state.  The areas of personal improvement he most often addresses are: strategic thinking and planning, prioritizing and decision making,  understanding the value drivers of key people (shareholders, company leaders, etc.),  selling and influencing others to gain buy-in,  adapting to changing conditions, long-term thinking and planning,  goal setting and attaining those goals,  culture shaping, and team building.

Bennett also helps leaders improve their company’s or team’s performance in the specific growth-related areas of sales and customer service.   This is more strategy and tactic development related to sales team structure, sales culture building, product and pricing, and customer engagement.

Candidates should expect direct and frank coaching from Bennett, with high levels of accountability on the part of both parties to attain specific objectives. Bennett’s coaching approach is to help clients rediscover the deeper passion for their “why”, the true reason and purpose for their existence as a leader and as a business.  Bennett believes in a “challenger” mindset with all engagements, where all assumptions, comfort zones, and self-defined limits are put to the test.

“I see executive coaching of top people as mainly a function of helping them improve their thinking…planning…decision making…goal setting…and developing habits for attaining those goals on a consistent basis.   I then work with them on better decision making, breaking down the various aspects involved in selling and influencing key people, along with team building, culture shaping, and other specific areas related to running the business.  I’m typically not an expert in their business, but I am an expert in identifying gaps in a top performer’s game, and then encouraging, motivating, and holding them accountable to do the work need to close the gaps and attain their short term and long-term objectives.” Greg Bennett

Bennett’s executive coaching rates range from $800 to $1,500 per hour depending on the length of the engagement.

You will gain:

Renewed energy and motivation
Newfound clarity of purpose and direction
A customized action plan to achieve your goals
On-going accountability to keep you on track

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The Growth Coach Denver Tech is proud to bring this proven coaching model to business owners in one of the most affluent counties in America. As certified business coaches, we’re committed to helping you discover better ways to manage your business and life by guiding you through our unique, on-going Strategic Mindset® business coaching process. Our goal is to help people and businesses find their “why”. We understand both the unique opportunity to start and run a business in the Denver Tech area, and the challenges of raising family and maintaining a reasonable life balance in our community.


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